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Cinna-Pix Cinnamon Tooth Picks - Old Town Sweet Shop

Cinna-Pix Cinnamon Tooth Picks

Old Town Sweet Shop
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Hot, sweet, tasty and fun; that's Cinna-Pix! Espeez have made a great decision in adding these to their old fashioned candy line-up - something many people love but it's hard to find the real thing anymore - that's where Espeez come in! These Cinna-Pix are not some lame, no taste, excuse for a cinnamon toothpick. These are the real thing! After lots of hard work and many tastings - they nailed it! The perfect blend of heat and sweet! So if you want to taste a blast from your past - get the all new Cinna-Pix cinnamon toothpicks! Approx. 15 picks per pack.